Know yourself… or know myself!

In my massage room I have the quote ‘Know yourself’ written on the wall. It is a good reminder of the starting point of all things that concern ourselves. By knowing yourself better, your body, your way of reacting to different situations, your emotions, your intellect, your body type etc you can love yourself more. It is a never ending job to know yourself as when you discover something about yourself it leads to another thing and then another thing etc. I strongly believe that we change constantly, as we  have new experiences, new friends, new jobs. We learn more about ourselves constantly and it is really rewarding! You certainly can live better by knowing what your body needs and what your inner child craves for. And when you think that “that’s it, I know myself”, then something happens and takes you by surprise and you have to rediscover yourself again! Saying that, I strongly believe that you can create yourself as well… Lets take me as an example. I was certain until a month ago to know my body really well, having always practiced yoga, being a massage therapist and having studied about nutrition, health and well being for so long. “i Knew me so well!”. But it took just a second for everything to be put in question… after playing with my daughters, I still don’t know how, I twisted and injured by right glute badly, then the pain spread everywhere in my lower back and legs… how come??? I have thought about that for hours but it didn’t lead anywhere… so I started to meditate again – as I could not exercise anymore and that was driving me nuts;-) and then I tuned into my body, I read on Internet for hours about injuries and re-education and I talked to my good friend who’s going through almost the same as me… and I started to practice a beginner’s yoga again, watch my every move, touch my sore bits to massage them, being totally aware of everything that was happening in my body. I discovered some seriously weak parts that I didn’t know about, I discovered my determination and dedication to feeling good in my body and help others to do so too. By going through so much pain, I had to learn to be more humble, I had to rethink my lifestyle and practice, my goals and the strain I put on my own body by not doing the right thing. I love that it happened to me. I can say that know, I am a lot better! But you always have to look at the bigger picture, be patient (an extremely hard thing for me!) and be gentle to yourself. I am practicing yoga again, in a more loving way for my body and I have gained a lot of knowledge and personal experience that I can apply during my massages, which is great!

Thanks for reading me, and all the best in your own self-discovering journey!

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