Monthly Archives: May 2013

Recharge your batteries – Yoga retreat

This last weekend I organized a yoga retreat with Ani, a great friend and amazing yoga teacher and ayurvedic healer. It went so well that we are already planning more retreats! We had great students I have to admit, who basically created the atmosphere just by their beautiful presence and amazing spirit. We were very lucky, again, to teach to so many amazing beings. Thanks you all for being there! The retreat has not only helped us to ‘recharge our batteries’ at a time of the year when our bodies and mind are falling into a hibernating process (as following nature’s rhythm) but it has shown me as well that the path I have chosen of teaching, organizing events around yoga and self-development and bringing people together is the right path for me, the one that fulfills my aim in life. Doing what you like and having people join you on your journey does not only enrich your soul and gives you a life purpose but it as well bring like-minded people together who learn greatly from each other, can share laughter, emotions, experiences and ideas in a community that understands them deeply. How enriching it was to do the retreat!

The next retreat Ani and myself will organize is most likely going to be at the end of October or early November, as Ani is going back to India for 3 months to finish her studies on Ayurveda. I can’t wait for her to share all that she has learned there! The retreat will be around having a great ‘spring clean for your body’, to get ready for the beautiful season (hard to conceive when winter is starting to hit us with some nice minus on the thermometer;-). That retreat will happen again in the beautiful Hanmer Springs. But I can already tell you that we will as well organize retreats in Wellington! I will, myself, do workshops and more in Wellington in the next couple of months. But first things first, I am moving this weekend and i still have to finish packing!

Stay connected with yourself… be mindful at all time as it is the best way to be relaxed and happy… love your journey as it is always the right one for yourself!

Sublimity is moving to Wellington!

I have a great news: Sublimity is moving to Wellington!

My husband got a job there as a web programmer and I will follow him, taking my business with me!

It is very exciting for me and my family but as well for my business. In Wellington, I will indeed have a wider client base and will be able to provide more services to more customers, which is great for me; I just love making people feel better;-) I will be able to carry on with all my projects, as training to become a yoga teacher and later on a personal trainer. I will be able to specialize in different therapies such as the Bowen therapy or kinesiology. But first things first, I have to find a great house to set up Sublimity and start getting clients!

I love new challenges and going with the flow. They are only positive things in moving somewhere else and it is a great journey that I am very grateful to take on. I thank deeply and truly all the people that have supported me in Hanmer Springs, all my clients, regulars, friends and business relations for helping me to set up such a wonderful and now successful business. Come and see me in Welly for a weekend away!