Sublimity is moving to Wellington!

I have a great news: Sublimity is moving to Wellington!

My husband got a job there as a web programmer and I will follow him, taking my business with me!

It is very exciting for me and my family but as well for my business. In Wellington, I will indeed have a wider client base and will be able to provide more services to more customers, which is great for me; I just love making people feel better;-) I will be able to carry on with all my projects, as training to become a yoga teacher and later on a personal trainer. I will be able to specialize in different therapies such as the Bowen therapy or kinesiology. But first things first, I have to find a great house to set up Sublimity and start getting clients!

I love new challenges and going with the flow. They are only positive things in moving somewhere else and it is a great journey that I am very grateful to take on. I thank deeply and truly all the people that have supported me in Hanmer Springs, all my clients, regulars, friends and business relations for helping me to set up such a wonderful and now successful business. Come and see me in Welly for a weekend away!

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