How to feel alive?

After my run in the muddy forest today I felt just amazing. But I wanted to go further, really how did I feel and why? I know, we all know, that we are alive right… if you’re not sure just pinch yourself… yes, you are not dreaming! So if I am alive, why don’t I feel ‘alive’ most of the time? Is it the every day routine that takes over our passion to submerge us in a boring-yet-must-be scheduled and stressed life? Or maybe it’s just society’s fault right, because we have not much choice when it comes to this: we all have to work pretty hard just to be able to pay the bills. And then off course there is a better (or sometimes worse) half that wants attention and then our darling angels, this delightful creatures that make our lives rather frantic (that always hit me when I can’t call a friend just because my 2 year old has decided that she doesn’t want me to, knowing that she can scream louder than me;-). So that’s it I thought: it’s just the way our society works: it makes my life so busy with stuff to do that I don’t really feel alive…

But now what? This is not what I want! I don’t want to feel numb or brain-dead! Do you?

So let’s see what we can do about it…

1. Realize that yes, we are not dreaming this life… we are living it every single minute. The first step is always the most important as it wakes us up from that passive state!

2. If we are not dreaming this life then it means that we are alive

3. If we are alive then let’s feel like we are crazy alive! What’s crazy alive to you? For me it’s when I have many ideas flowing in, so many wishes, so much creation inside me. I want to sing and dance as well (but I refrain to do so in public because I don’t want people to think I am a weirdo)

4. Let’s think for a moment of what makes you feel alive ->amazing, great, wonderful, so happy with ourselves and all that and even more! For example, do you like to go out in nature? That’s always very empowering. Or maybe you like to practice a sport? Or do some crafts? Or hang out with your mate and do great things together?

5. Realize what makes you feel alive, what gives you that thrill of “yes, I just loved what I have been doing and now I feel just so amazing I can’t wait to do it again” (omg did you just think as well about sex? that’s a great way to feel alive… but we all knew that right;-)

6. Now that you know just do this: DO IT. That’s it, no excuses, do what makes you feel alive. We can all find 15 min a day or one hour a week to do what we want, just for ourselves. And if it means that the man and the darling angels will have to do without wonder woman for an hour well, they won’t die. But we will feel on top of the world for days and they will rip off the benefits as well! Who doesn’t want to see a happy face?

Well… that was my ‘big moment’ today… let’s not over-think this all right;-) just do something for yourself because in the end, you are the most important person in your world; if you don’t function, people around you won’t either…

And off course, a massage is always a great option to feel deeply alive, you know where to find me;-)

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