J-8 until opening day!!! After buying our dream house (it has a stunning view on the harbour and CBD), I have been able to get to work and make Sublimity’s reopening a reality. The room is eventually starting to look like something and every time I add a little touch it is just so perfect and fits really nicely in the decor! I still need to work though and, amongst other things, put the great wooden flooring that I have just bought with my hubby in the biggest Mitre 10 Mega ever (in Petone). What an amazing shop – it even has a playground inside for the kids! I have to bring back that idea to Belgium, Kiwis certainly know how to make families happy and willing to spend (hubby was very silent when he had to give his credit card at the cashier though… he might not thing that the playground was such a good idea as it gave me  too much time to look around… hehe)! Anyway, I am loosing track of the subject: in 8 days, I want to be open and have my first clients! I wonder how’s going to be my very first client… I might have a little surprise for her/him! Yipeee I am going to work again and I am loving that idea!

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