My recovery

I can’t believe it’s already been two month and a half since I injured my finger… It was on the first of July which is my mum’s birthday, what a not-so-nice day to cut my tendon! Not that any day would have make it nicer really!

A lot of people tell me that it must have been so painful. But actually, it wasn’t. The stress, challenges and over-thinking process that took place far outweighed the little pain that I had. An injury is always very sudden and gives the body a huge shock that goes beyond what we can mentally represent. I always tend to think ‘so much for just a finger’… Yes, but it is not ‘just a finger’ a friend told me ‘it is YOUR body that is hurt, and being a massage therapist, it brings on extra challenges and pressure for you. So be gentle and patient!’ And she is so right…

Going to Belgium for a month was perfect timing. As I couldn’t drive or cook, I would have gone crazy staying at home and my husband would have being exhausted to do-it-all. Whereas, on holiday, I just literally put my feet up and indulge in being served by my mum and learned to accept my mum-in-law’s urge to cut my meat even though I insisted on doing it! I guess they were happy to help that much as they don’t get a chance to do it that often. I had time to do my exercises while having a delicious patisserie with my friends or while sunbathing by the swimming pool, watching the kids going crazy with their cousins. I had time to think and rethink my life, make some new projects, dream about the future.

And, patience not being my number one quality, I had to learn… a lot! I learned about patience and I learned about loving my hand, my body even though just the sight of it brought tears to my eyes. I thought about all my clients that I have seen recover from injuries, trying to get through the pain with a smile on their face. I admire all of you, going through pain, going through recovery, more than ever. I have had to apply what I preach: patience, love for myself and discipline in my exercises. I still have to do a lot of exercises, massages on my finger, stretches etc… I still can’t go to yoga, which is a very big deal for me; neither massage… BUT, time is flying and it keeps on improving!!! My hand specialist is very proud ¬†of me and so is the acupuncturist I have been seeing. According to them, I will have the green light for everything I want to do at the beginning of October!!!

I can’t wait to re-open Sublimity, see everyone again and create the life I want!


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