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Spiritual consultation… what is it exactly?

I have had a couple of people asking about the spiritual consultation I offer. I sounds enigmatic, a bit weird and maybe scary too. Many of you would probably think that’s not for them at all as they don’t believe in spirits and can’t feel any ‘energies’ anyway… and it’s fine! I totally get it, all that ‘world’ of spiritual awakening, talks with spirits guides and energy healing is totally impossible to comprehend on a rational level. Nothing can be proven, most people don’t see anything, and feeling the energetic body is not really a big deal… Most of all, being seen as weird by others when thinking about all this is often all it takes to be put off.

We don’t learn those sort of things at school, nor do we learn them from our parents (for most people)… no one really talks about it in public, to friends or family members, too worried of being seen as ‘the weirdo’… Since a young age, we learn to name the things that surround us, we learn good manners, we learn to behave and response to society standards the best possible way. We go to school, for so many years that all our life is spend learning things that come from the outside. Who has learned that deep breathing calms the mind, that sitting in nature regularly gives more energy, refreshes the mind and who has learned to cultivate the habit to listen to their gut feeling, their intuition and not their ┬áthinking mind? Who has learned that by calming the mind, you can access pretty much every information that you need about yourself, the people and the world surrounding you? That you then get more creative, happier and then nicer to yourself and people surrounding you? Not many of us right? It is just not how society is designed… That knowledge about ourselves, our soul, our intuition is nearly completely neglected by most people.

Then comes a time when life starts feeling weird, we feel unhappy, unfulfilled, sometime right crazy and always over-thinking every little things that happen into our lives. When we grow older, the question ‘Is that it?’ resurfaces… and our thinking mind find 100 thousands reasons to justify our existence from a rational point of view. But the little voice is there, the boiling feeling inside starts to make us erupt like a volcano, scaring ourselves and our loved-ones, or we get pretty depressed for no obvious reasons.

This is why I am doing this treatment now. To help people see that we are not just a body and a mind constantly over-thinking. That the pain we experience in our body and the emotions that submerge us are not there for no reason… no, they don’t come out of nowhere… The soul thrives on happiness, on self-love, on peace. It wants to be heard, it wants to blossom. But they are so many layers wrapped around it that it doesn’t have a voice anymore, it can’t be heard, it is not allowed too, and it is constantly judged and pushed aside. You see, when listening to your intuition, to your soul, you open a door to life-changing experiences. You learn to know yourself and to accept what is going on into your life. You then take the reins of your journey. You then start, not to over-think, but to feel what you have to do to be happy. There is nothing more amazing that discovering who we are, than finding out all the things we are capable of. And there is a wonderful way to do it… by connecting to yourself and to other people that are on the same journey. Like I have met many people offering all sorts of help on spiritual matter, I have always known that me too, one day, I would be offering spiritual consultation. It’s part of my journey.


Since a very young age, I have heard spirits, good and bad, I have seen things, like visions, of events that happened in the past or that would manifest later. I have pushed them aside and ignore them… was it the reality? It was so scary… no one was there to help me out… But as the years passed, it became stronger, I met more people, learned new things, learned to use my gifts that have then been able to grow. I can connect to spirits now, on a daily basis. It can see and hear spirit guides or passed loved ones. I am a clairvoyant too, so I can see images from this life or from past-lives. I can channel spirit guides as well, which is truly fascinating and always fun to do. Basically I then tell you what your spirits guides want you to know. I feel the energy field in other people, where blockages are. If I need help on something, I have my pendulum and spirit guides to help me out. I do all my ‘weird’ things with great joy and it always surprises me to see the results on people afterwards. What a difference in their energy!

We all have a spiritual dimension that needs to be recognized as it is the only way to heal on a lasting term. I am here to guide you through that journey of self-discovery. I don’t do your job, I help you find out what YOU need to look at, what YOU need to do to make your life more in accordance with what your soul truly wants. We are all here for a reason right? Do you know why YOU are here? Wouldn’t it be great to have more ideas about where to go and what to do to feel better, more balanced, happier and healthier? It is possible with this consultation! You can give it a try if you’r not sure… it’s always fun to discover something new anyway! You know where to find me;-)

And off course: I am not a doctor, so this is NO replacement for medical attention. If you have any serious health problems you should really see a specialist. This treatment might help but it doesn’t replace a visit to professionals!