What’s wrong with me?


Have you ever said to yourself “I really wonder what’s wrong with me? or “what’s my problem?”

Pressure is very high on our shoulders nowadays, we have to perform in so many areas that feeling overwhelmed is getting pretty common. So every now and then, maybe often, we snap. It could be through endless crises of tears-for-no-reason, through burst of anger, through eating way too much chocolate, to drinking until we pass out, without forgetting the downs that want to keep us snug in bed, feeling sorry for our life. Then we think: “what’s wrong with me”? We can look for many explanations and find the reason why. Not always though… sometimes the reason seems to be eluded by so many layers of other mixed up emotions, traumas, fears and so on that it looks pretty impossible to find a reason to us feeling that bad.

The more I do what I do, the closer I feel to people, we are all so alike. Every single person goes through stages of suffering: people can suffer in their body, in their mind, in their soul. We all have fears that prevent us from being totally free, from living our dreams. I am falling in love with the human gender… for every soul is beautiful in its quest of happiness and liberation from the endless suffering and hardships that we have to go through. It is moving to see so many of us being hurt, down, desperate in our pain, yet ready to receive whatever help they can get, whatever answer they might find about their own difficulties. All of our souls want the same thing: happiness. I can reassure you as well: many people that I see in my practice, are very happy people, healthy, living a beautiful life full of joy. It is a blessing to see and that joy is very communicative. They probably have their downs as well that they don’t tell me, as we all have downs, and big ups;-)

I would like to add something here that could sound very enigmatic to most people: We have lived many strong experiences in this life and in past-lives. These strong experiences have stayed with us… they are so many traumas that still act on our physical body, on our emotions and on our minds that we cannot truly change that pattern except if we start some deep introspection. Why, for example, did I scream like a mad woman every time my husband suggested that maybe I should get a job as an employee instead of being self-employed? It would be so much easier on our finances… ┬áIt’s an innocent discussion, right? Yet, I would instantly loose the plot, scream, get vulgar, leave the room and go somewhere to cry on my horrible life with a husband that doesn’t understand a thing about me… my family was sad, my hubby was sad, I was sad and no one knew what had happened and why… I kept on thinking “omg, what’s wrong with me?”

What I have shared here is something very personal that has happened a couple of times in the past… It was violent, destructive on our family and long to recover from on my side of things. The guilt that would follow was overwhelming. So I thought: that’s enough, there is something more to this that I can’t see yet but that’s triggering the whole thing… and I could feel that it was coming from way back… so let’s find out. After many meditations and a couple of consultations with a friend, I found out about a couple of past lives that had been so hard on me that they had created some thoughts and actions patterns on my subconscious level. Every time I was put in a similar situation, my previous experiences influenced very strongly those reactions… making them looking totally irrational for the present situation. It was a huge revelation and liberation for me… I knew that there was nothing wrong with me!!! I took that from the past, having kept this patterns as a protection. I realized that it could be acknowledged then released. So I did release all those past experiences and none of this has never happened again!

I won’t get into too many details but I have found out so much more about me that I have been able to deal with some friends and family members way better than before, that my relationship with my husband is keeping on improving, that I can finally start to move on with my life without feeling handicapped by what I use to think was a ‘strong and bad temper’. It is all through deep introspection through my meditation practice, as well communication with my spirit guides and through some help that I have received from spiritual healers. The journey begins… but it never ends. How exciting is it to discover that I have the power to change, to become who I truly am, to free myself from the bondages that once hold me back? And it’s not just me… it’s all of us out here, in this crazy yet so beautiful human world.

To finish, I would like to encourage you, with love and passion, to trust your own journey; to trust that whatever comes up is good for you, because it helps you get to know yourself better. Don’t be afraid to peel all the layers of yourself, what you will find will amaze you: only pure beauty and love resides within!

Saying that, many of us have issues that are so engrained and dangerous for ourselves that it is indeed better to find help from a professional: doctors, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc as well have their own gifts and knowledge to help us, so never hesitate to ask for help! You know were to find me for a spiritual consultation!

Thank for reading;-)

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