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Find your intuition, feed your soul

Intuition is a gift that all of us receive from birth, like an inner capacity. We can choose to ignore it or listen to it, to neglect it or to feed it. Whatever you give attention grows and increases, so does our intuition. The world we live in now loves to disect knowledge, find the real and objective cause to everything, rationalizing our thinking process so what we proclaim can be prooven. There isn’t much space for us to explore our intuition, to allow ourselves to accept an idea or an experience as being ‘real’ if it can’t be rationally explained, if we can’t make a ‘plan in 10 steps that will lead us to the top while minimalizing the risks’. There isn’t much room for just trusting our guts, because for some unknown reason, we feel that it’s just right for us.

But even if we wanted to tap into our intuition, where would we start? And how can we recognize our intuition in our over active mind?

The Oxford dictionnary says that intuition is “the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning”. According to that source, intuition is then an ability or a strengh in other words. I personaly see it this way: like with everyhting else in life, you can learn to develop and understand your intuition, everyone has that ability. It’s like learning to read, write and do our maths; we all have the ability to do it as long as we consistently practise. I am useless with numbers, but getting pretty good at listening to my intuition, only because it’s a strong interest of mine – maths is definitely not. I might have a more natural ability to listen to my intution than to understand maths and physics but if I spend every single day studying maths and physics, I’m pretty sure I would progress, even if it’s pretty slowly! Remember, what you give attention to grows…

Then the dictionnary says “without the need for conscious reasoning”. To me that says it all. There is no need to reason because our intuition knows what’s right for us. It knows what our inner self truly wants. That ‘instinctive inner knowledge’ is there to wake us up, so we don’t end up as frustrated adults living a life that’s everything but deeply fulfilling. Out is the reason and the reasoning, bye bye for now! You’ll come back later when I (and not my convoluted mind) ask you to work effectively to improve the process of reaching our goal without bringing us down.

But wait a minute, is it even necessary to listen to our intuition? Can’t our rational mind take the best decisions to guide us in life?

The mind has many functions, one of them is there to allow us to decide the best of two options, to rationalize the possibilities according to our preferences, goals, fears and doubts. The mind is crowded with memories of past experiences that still affect us greatly in our daily lives. “Remember that time when I fell trying to do a handstand in front of the whole class? I was so hurt and humiliated… that’s not for me, I’m not going to do that anymore and, anyway, why do I actually need to be able to do a handstand in the first place?” The mind remembers the fall and humiliation, the fear builds up… we rationalize the process deciding that it’s actually not necessary to be able to do a handstand (which is pretty right actually;-) But take that into other experiences, multiply then by hundreds and hundreds of experiences, build the intensity around that process to up to 100%: you’ll end up being guided by your memories, fears and rational mind. You’ll avoid doing many things even though you have that little buzz in your belly and little voice in your mind saying ‘I wish I had the gut to try’. Where is the fun in that, where is the creativity, the ultimate freedom that comes from being totally open to whatever comes? Where do our dreams go then? How do we fulfill oursleves in the long term?

Out they go, our dreams, into that dark corner of our mind, locked up in a box with big letters written on it: “danger, do not open, silly ideas”.

There we are, by not listenining to our intuition, for multiple ‘objective reasons’.

What if instead we learned to control our mind, just a little bit, so we would have more chances to allow new, creative, beautiful feelings and ideas to flow in?

Intuition comes from a source that’s more profound than our mind, even though its messages are received and interpreted by the subconscious mind and translated by the conscious mind. We can then consider that our intuition is a function of the soul’s consciousness. Our intuition (our soul) is trapped between the body and its instincts (flight or fight mode) and our mind (our intelligence). There is nothing wrong with our body and mind really, it’s just that they take too much space. It’d be nice if they could back off a little to share the space with our intution and soul so they can all work together as a team and not as ‘who’s the boss?’. How lovely would that be, to have a fine balance between what our gut feelings say, what our intelligence adds to that and what our tamed mind enlightens so we can become wiser, taking decisions that are right for us, that allow us to dream, create and soar into the infinite possibilities that this very life offers.

I want that… I want to be able to understand that little voice that comes from within and says “Cendrine, don’t play small, dream bigger, there is so much awaiting for you out there in the world. Drop the whys and hows, the fears and the doubts and just go for it!”. I have started to tap into that for a little while now. I meditate, as much as possible, I practice yoga, I surround myslef with inspiring people and I create space in my life so I can listen, as much as possible, to my own intuition… I do it more and more and I can see what it does to me: it brings more joy and happiness in my life. It brings as well doubts, fears and sometimes chaos… but I am still learning to recognize that it’s not because of my intuition that I feel chaos or dramas in my life, it’s because of the deep knowledge that my intuition is so right that the rest of me has to somehow transform, adapt and grow. My intuition is just there to help my soul soar, the rest are just turbulent winds trying to brake the calmness of the soul-lake. Sometimes, as one (body, mind and soul) I can work with everything that I have to become a brighter version of myself. I want to inspire and be inspired, I want to look back in 50 years and have no regrets. I want to listen even if it scares me. The fear will eventually leave me, not the inner voice, it’s its right to be deep within me, not the fear. I decide who stays and who goes!

I want to help others tap into that ability; because being able to listen to your intution will bring you endless rewards, the biggest being to find freedom in your heart so you too, will have no regrets. My intuition guides me through difficult times, it is my best friend.

What about you? How is your intuition? Do you know where it comes from, how it manifests? Can you make the difference between your gut feelings and the chit-chat in your mind? Are you able to fully embrace your intuition so it can guide you through life, feeling free and happy?

If you’d like to learn more about techniques that will allow you to tap into your intution while having a great time in a beautiful studio, come and join me for Novembre’s workshop at Beginner’s yogi! We’ll work on discovering the different types of intuition, on meditating to calm the mind an open our intuitive centres and we’ll relax through a guided visualization that will lead you into your inner temple, where you’ll have all the time and space necessary to discover what your intuition wants to tell you.